Announcing the Numark DJ bursary winner

We are very pleased to announce the August 2018 Numark DJ bursary competition winner as Lee Dasoul

Question : Who is the manager of Numark DJ Academy?
Correct Answer : Chet Mileham

After a fantastic range of more e-mails, we are pleased to announce the bursary winners for The Numark DJ Academy Bursary 2018 as Lee Dasoul. As part of The Numark DJ Academy and The beat Music Mag’s commitment to offer education development and being an open access platform to the young aspiring DJ and Producers. The Beat Music Mag and Numark DJ Academy are committed to an important part of discovering new music talents, to inform and educate the youth and also to change their mindset. As youth oriented Music and entertainment aimed at teaching wannabe DJ, Producers, Vocalist and artists how to kick start a successful music careers as well as Production skills. The Magazine and the academy will be great way to get a real taste of the DJ and entertainment industry within a very short amount of time.

Thank you to all who entered the Bursary Competition, generously offered by The Numark DJ Academy. We were showered with e-mails and it was a very easy choice to make as the winner was the only one who got it right. The Beat Music Mag Knowledge extend our congratulations to our bursary winner, we look forward to seeing you at The Numark DJ Academy.

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