The Beat Music Mag will give undiscover artists a platform to shine

I often wonder how many potential music stars are out there in our communities, blissfully unaware of their own ability, frequently with parents having no musical background, but completely unnoticed by media and Record Label executive in South Africa, even their community’s media don’t even care about the talent from the hood, as there is no body in the media, who is musical enough to spot their potential. The Beat Music Magazine will try to give unrecognize talents a chance to be on spotlight, even providing a tentative list of what to look for (I will spare you that for the moment), but it must be a very difficult thing to do for media who lack musical confidence themselves: who are they to judge? And yet it would take a trained specialist a matter of minutes to see musical potential in action in the communities, let alone on a stage.

A suggestion might it be time for media music specialists, to visit all the communities’ events in their area, looking for talent and potential. Perhaps the communities could be asked in advance to select their 10 / 15 aspiring DJ, producers, vocals etc. who they regard as musician, and then invite a specialist to hear them play. Yes, I know its crude, but it is effectively creating the equivalent of a sporting scouting system, with experts standing on the touchline watching young footballers on Sunday mornings. Why shouldn’t music follow suit? Once spotted, perhaps these children could be directed towards their local hub, or other musical / music theatre ventures. At the very least it would give these potential musicians a chance of making something of their talent. Is there anything wrong with that? At the moment, I fear that there are hundreds or thousands being missed through no fault of their own or, for the matter, their non-specialist media and surely that needs to change. Thoughts has research been done into this at all.

The Beat music mag will try to scout talent and write articles about them and hopeful record companies and music institutions will come to the party and aspiring musician. We will also give away bursaries for the upcoming artists to go and master their craft in music institutions. We will be giving away nine (9) bursaries to study Djying at Numark DJ Academy starting from this August until October, each month will give away three bursaries.

Lass Norman Ngobeni
E-mail [email protected]
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