DJ and Music Producer turns Entrepreneur

His name may sound like a gangster, but he knows that what makes him stand out from the rest is to produce good music that makes people dance non-stop. And he knows nothing about crime. Thembhani Lionel Maboko, better known as DJ Robmol in the music and entertainment industry, is a producer, record label executive, DJ and entrepreneur.  At the age of 34 he has achieved what his peers are still fighting to achieve.

Originally hailing from Xigalo, a small village near Malamule in Limpopo Province, Robmol was raised by both parents. As early as 10 years of age when his parents bought him a piano, Robmol’s talent and his love of music started to develop. He matriculated at EPP Mhinga High School and went to the University of Limpopo to study a BSc in Computer science. While at varsity, he was playing gospel music before moving to hip hop and then falling in love with house music. Inspired to learn more about the house genre, he started collecting software and teaching himself how to produce music. Eventually, the 34-year-old dropped out from Computer Science to study Sound Engineering at the Soul Candi Institute of Music in 2007. “I guess it is never too late to strive to die happy [having] fulfilled your dream,” he says. At Soulcandi, he met Tony from Infinite Boys, Aero Manyelo (DJ Aero) and Kudoskelem to name just a few. “My love for the music, creativity, passion and dedication led me to become the first student in the Soul Candi institution to license a song with the record label.”

Robmol has some smashing albums production credits under his belt. His talent was revealed when he was working with Ganyani Entertainment to produce smash hits like Limpopo Funk, Faithless and Electric Soul. He has also worked with DJ Fresh on Definition of House 4, Ganyani House Grooves 6,  Soul Candi’s For the DJs Unmixed 1, and compiled a Soul Candi Institute of Music compilation album that was released in 2012. His production ambitions saw him enrolled for the Radio Programming and Production short course at Wits Radio Academy in 2011.

Today he is proudly the owner of Robmol Group, a multimedia production company. As a fully fledged record label executive, he also works full-time as a network administrator. He says that there are many  initiatives that he is planning for the brand, not least of which is to start a fashion label for his company and get a radio show. “My dream collaboration would be to work with Infinite Boys and vocalist Nkhensi,” he says, adding that DJ Ganyani remains a source of inspiration.

This year, the 34-year-old DJ-entrepreneur is planning on releasing a single around summer. “I am helping upcoming artists to reach their goals by normally introducing them to people who have been in the game for some time so that they can be assisted in understanding the business side of the entertainment industry,” says Robmol. “They must master the craft and the rest will follow. I am no longer focusing on music production only, but on multimedia productions. I am very busy in studio so people should expect more from us. I am working with an upcoming artist from Nigeria by the name of Emmanuel to introduce him to the South African market,” added the Limpopo born DJ.

As a self-made businessman and a DJ with a bright future, his knowledge of music has served him well to be one of the best DJs and producers in the country. He is undoubtedly one of the best in the country in terms of production and Djing, knowing “what people want” and how to remain relevant.  Robmol is making a grand entrance to the South African house music scene and is becoming one of the dance maestros to look out for.

You can follow DJ Robmol on twitter @Robmolgroup

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